A downloadable Game for Windows

My game that I've been creating has come to a close and I'm uploading it here!

It's packed with more content than the test version I've uploaded in the past, and I think it's even more colorful than my fetish!

I think my fetish is now more colorful!

If you are unable to play all of the content due to bugs or other specific circumstances, please let me know!
Also, if you have any information about the game being slow, please leave a comment and let me know.

We would also appreciate it if you could comment on the game, as it will help us in creating or updating the game next time!

Again, we've made it so you can avoid certain anomalies!

We've packed in a lot of anomalies, but we're happy if you just enjoy the anomalies you like!

Or just the kind is on this page! And you can comment here!


Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAction, Platformer
Tagsfat, inflation, reaction, transformation

Install instructions

Double-click Player.exe inside to start it. Press the W key at the title screen to start.

If any files are requested, it may be recovered by launching a PGMMV game on Steam.


DragonReAction!v1.0.zip 129 MB


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Got no clue on what the controls are other than movement.
I  can't figure out the kick button.


a is kick if i rember right s is potion to turn back from most forms and i think w is jump most the stuff is mussle memory at this point for me